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    My Free Zoo Freunde

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    My Free Zoo Freunde

    Jetzt könnt ihr in #MyFreeZoo auch eure Freunde im Spiel beschenken! Geht dazu in den Freundesgeschenkshop und wählt aus: es gibt Kartenteile für. Dann bist du hier genau richtig. Hier kannst du entweder selbst nach My Free Zoo Freunde suchen und eine entsprechende Suchanzeige kostenlos aufgeben​. Du hast ein Problem mit My Free Zoo oder kommst einfach an einer bestimmten Stelle nicht hi leute ich suche noch freunde mein Name ist,, Atos Flower".

    My Free Zoo ich brauche freunde!

    Dann bist du hier genau richtig. Hier kannst du entweder selbst nach My Free Zoo Freunde suchen und eine entsprechende Suchanzeige kostenlos aufgeben​. In MyFreeZoo ist es möglich, sich mit anderen Spielern als Freunde zu verbinden​, welche einen Zoo. Wenn man so viel zu tun hat wie du, können Freunde nicht schaden, die dir ab und an unter die Arme greifen. Bei My Free Zoo kannst du dich.

    My Free Zoo Freunde My Free Zoo Video

    My Free Zoo - Open 25 Gold Cards + 1Gold Bosster parts

    Ein gesonderter NetBet Bonuscode ist nicht notwendig, die My Free Zoo Freunde meisten My Free Zoo Freunde Lizenzen ausstellen. - My Free Zoo

    Hallo, ich suche noch Zoo Freunde, bin auf server 3 und ca lvl Maulwurf Gummibärchen Neuste Artikel. Und teilen uns ein Tablett. Kostenlosspielen Mahjong Fragesteller als hilfreich ausgezeichnet. Hallo, spiele auf Server 4 und suche noch ein paar Freunde, um sich gegenseitig zu helfen!

    Each animal has a predetermined chance of successful breeding. The chances are lower with more expensive animals than with the cheaper ones.

    You'll also get one additional breeding attempt for each expansion. Baby animals are especially popular with your visitors and will give twice as much popularity as their adult counterparts - and of course, they're super cute!

    How can I change my password? If you have an older account which isn't connected to the Portal, you can click on the cogwheels below your current level top right hand side in-game and you'll get to your personal game settings.

    Here you may select an avatar, turn off the sound, change your password or delete your account. How can I get diamonds? Diamonds allow you to buy special items and features.

    You may also get diamonds as reward for completing tasks. You can of course also buy them in the bank safe in the top menu bar in exchange for real money.

    Just choose a payment method and the amount you'd like to buy. Once you completed the payment, the diamonds will be credited to your account.

    Please mind that some payment methods take longer than others! How can I swap cards? As soon as you reach level 6, you'll get a task asking you to build a transport station.

    I already have an account in the browser game; can I play it with the app? Unfortunately, the browser game and the app for My Free Zoo are two completely different games.

    The browser game has several features that the app doesn't have for instance, the Natural History Museum, the Antique Express and some animal species - therefore an established zoo game wouldn't transfer over well.

    You can, however, play both games and keep a zoo in each! I bought Coins via PaysafeCard, but they haven't arrived yet.

    If the debit wasn't successful, the amount of money is generally credited back to your code; therefore the money should still be on your card.

    Please go to www. Should the amount have been debited from your card, please state your PaysafeCard transaction ID as well as the date of your payment.

    I can't find a specific player using the player search and I can't contact them. All our game servers are entirely independent from each other.

    That is why it is unfortunately not possible, to transfer an account from one server to another, or trade and communicate between different servers.

    You can only trade with players, if they are registered on the same server. Settings from one server cannot be transferred to another server.

    If you just want to talk to your friends while you are on-line, you can always do so via the forum as well! I can't find a specific player using the player search, and I can't send him messages or contracts.

    I can't log into the forum. Are you sure you're logging into the correct forums? You can log in here with the same username and password you use for your games!

    I cannot breed because my animals are all the same gender. This problem can be solved quite easily: Just move your animals to your storage and place them back into the enclosure.

    They will then return as male and female. I didn't receive the activation mail with my login data. Please check your spam and junk inbox.

    Maybe the activation e-mail is hiding there. If you can't find the e-mail, please state your forum name and date and time of registration in your support request.

    You will be sent a new activation e-mail. I forgot on which server my account is registered. If you saved your registration mail, this is no problem at all.

    Aside from your login data, it also contains the server info. If you didn't save the registration mail, you can use the "Password forgotten?

    Along with the new password, you will be sent your server and the login data via e-mail. You can also try to log in on every server using the trial-and-error method until you have found your game server.

    Unfortunately, there is no other option. If all that fails, you can still contact support to see if they might be able to help.

    Keep in mind that in some of our older games, game accounts may be deleted after days of inactivity. I forgot on which server my account was registered.

    If you have saved your registration mail, this is no problem. Apart from your login data, it contains the server info.

    If you didn't save the registration mail, you can use the "Forgot Password? Along with the new password, you will be sent your server and the login data via email.

    Unfortunately, theses are the only options. I have transferred money via bank transfer in order to receive Coins. When will I get them?

    Unfortunately we have no way of influencing the time the credit institutes take to process a transaction. This may take up to working days, even if the money has been booked directly from your account, even longer in case of international transactions our company seat is, as you may know, in Germany.

    We generally credit all transfers the day they arrive on our account. Maybe your transactions is among today's arrivals. Should you have to wait longer than 10 working days until the Coins have been credited to your account, please check your entries, and contact us again, if you are certain you have used the correct data.

    I have transferred money via bank transfer in order to receive Diamonds. I linked my game account to the Portal, but now I can't log in anymore!

    Once you have connected an account to the Portal, you will need to use your Portal account information to log into your individual games, if you opt to log into them from their launch pages.

    Of course, you can easily log in via the "My Games" tab. Some of our older games will require you to click a little portal button to use your Portal information to log in.

    If you didn't enter a PIN, your money wasn't debited. You can simply begin the payment process over. I would like to delete my forum account.

    The Forums are directly tied to the Portal; therefore, it isn't possible to delete just your forum account. Forum accounts are now directly tied into your Portal account; the two cannot be separated, and therefore, it's impossible to delete just your forum account.

    I would like to link an older game account to the Portal. How can I do that? If you have a Portal account, any new game accounts you create will automatically be connected to the Portal.

    However, if you have an older account that isn't connected to the Portal yet, you can do that after the fact.

    Just go to the "My Games" tab in the Portal. You'll see a little "Link Existing Accounts" tab over the box with your games.

    Click on that. Choose the game you would like to link an account from, and click on it. With MyFreeZoo, German browser game producers upjers, are presenting their players a truly unique tycoon game-simulation.

    Discover the countless areas this gem among zoo browser games offers you, and play along for free now. Trade card-pieces with your fellow players, and gain great animals.

    Breed cute baby animals, and stun your MyFreeZoo visitors with their cute offspring. Experience the extraordinary browser game My Free Zoo, and play along for free now!

    Become zoo-director, hold meerkats, elephants, chimpanzees, and many further exotic animals. Do you want to play My Free Zoo on the go?

    Then get started with My Free Zoo Mobile for your smartphone or tablet! The app is a standalone game and cannot be linked to existing accounts.

    Create account for log in. My Free Zoo. My Free Zoo Game Info. Play Browser Game. My Free Zoo share. My Free Zoo — Create your own zoo in this browser game!

    Your Experiences. LG Doris Suche noch Freunde auf Server 4. Nickname: Butzel oder Butzel Hallo,suche auch Freunde auf Server4.

    Mein Name ist Carmen LG. Hallo,mein Name ist Carmen und ich suche auch Freunde auf Server 4. Hallo, bin Server 4 und habe noch viel Platz für nette Nachbarn.

    Hallo ich Level 29 suche noch Freunde auf Server 2. Hallo, ich suche auch noch paar Freunde für mein Zoo! Bin auf Sever 2 und suche noch freunde!

    Hallo, bin noch ziemlich neu und brauche Freunde auf Server 1. Ich suche noch Freunde auf Server 4, die mir in meine Zoo helfen!

    Dann helfe ich euch auch! Haay ; suche dringend freunde. Hallo : bin noch neu und suche freunde.. Suche viele Freunde auf Server 3. Bin aber noch ziemlich am Anfang.

    Name: Marco Hi bin auf server 1 und suche noch liebe freunde. Hi, habe noch Plätze frei. Suche Freunde auf Server1. Hallo, suche Freunde auf Server 4.

    Aside from adorable animals and a quirky cartoon setting, My Free Zoo offers a wide variety of exciting game elements.

    For example, taking care of the needs of your guests plays an important role in this online zoo game, as you design paths through your enclosures, build shops, and use invest your profits in the growth of your zoo.

    Countless missions with a creative variety of tasks provide you with long-term objectives, so that you always have a goal in mind.

    Organization and friend features allow you to work towards goals together with friends and exchange ideas for successful and artistic zoos.

    Employees will likewise support you in your endeavors; while you are offline, they will take care of your animals and keep the zoo tidy.

    We have just the thing for you: MyFreeZoo Mobile! Optimized for mobile play, you can enjoy a large selection of animals, decorations, and quests. The standalone zoo game app MyFreeZoo Mobile allows you to play anywhere — be it in the waiting room, at a bus stop or in line at the supermarket — and escape to your virtual zoo.

    Available in the Apple Store and Google Play Store, you can download the game for free and dive right into your zoo experience on your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet.

    My Free Zoo Freunde
    My Free Zoo Freunde Wir hoffen, dass dir der Beitrag My Free Zoo: Freunde finden, Level Liste, Erfolge und Aufgaben – ehemalige Fanseite weitergeholfen hat. Dann freuen wir uns sehr über ein Gefällt mir oder +1 oder einen Tweet. Das ist der größte Dank, den du uns machen kannst. Who have we got here, that’s so cheekily peeking out of its enclosure? Why, it’s the cute meerkats! The truly multifaceted browser game My Free Zoo, made by Bamberg-based publishers upjers, lets you take on the role of zoo director. Your first and foremost task is to save the zoo, by attracting new visitors – for only with the aid of entrance fees, MyFreeZoo will be able to survive/5(). My Free Zoo. Pentru acasă recomandăm jocul browser My Free Zoo, deoarece în versiunea browser a jocului zoo există cele mai multe specii de animale. Peste de specii de animale diferite plasate în anexe, clădiri speciale ca acvarii, colivii sau terarii. Hier findest du Freunde für My Free Zoo! Du kannst aber auch ein eigenes Freundesgesuch abgeben. Bitte gib deinen Namen im Spiel sowie den Server an, auf dem du spielst, oder ob du My Free Zoo Mobile als App spielst. Nur so können dich andere Spieler in My Free Zoo als Freund hinzufügen. Viel Spaß!. There is no vacation mode on My Free Zoo, but you can leave your zoo untended for a few weeks without any problems. Your animals may crave your attention when you get back, but they will wait for you completely unharmed!. This section of the My Free Zoo Wiki will cover the basics of friend acquisition, communication and interactions. Doing friendship tasks will get you valuable trading cards, which you can use for. Maybe you already noticed: a few weeks ago we updated the My Free Zoo browser game with a new technology called „WebGL“. This ensures that your favorite game will remain future-proof for a long time coming. On May 4th, , we will finally deactivate the Flash version. Log into Facebook to start sharing and connecting with your friends, family, and people you know.

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    My Free Zoo. Freunde finden in My Free Zoo! ✓ Nach Freunden suchen oder eigenes Gesuch abgeben | Im offiziellen upjers Blog. Such mal im Spieleforum vom My free Zoo da gibts nen extra Threat dafür http://​udodistrictleaders.com?f= Freundesbörse zu My Free Zoo. Tragt unten euren Spielenamen bei den Kommentaren ein und schon können andere Spieler euch hinzufügen. My Free Zoo – Freundeszoo freischalten. Zum Freischalten benötigst du Freundessterne, 15 Freunde sowie Tierarten im Zoo. Some of these might be out of your control and out of ours, too. This problem can be solved quite easily: Just move your animals to your storage and place them back into the enclosure. Ab morgen hab ich viiiieeele Plätze frei. Please mind that some payment methods take longer than others! Hallo ihr lieben……. You will be sent a new activation e-mail. Play along for free now and experience the amazing features and functions of Free Zoo! In order to differentiate between these PC-user-communities and cheaters, it is unfortunately necessary that everyone sticks to this general rule. Horse Farm New! These Kennenlern Spiele be obtained Poker Regeln Texas Holdem Pdf Diamond Boosters Grand Mondial, which you can only get with a level 10 or higher premium account. You can log in here with the same username and password you use for your games! The further you expand your animal park, the higher the amount of visitors that will come streaming into your zoo. Coins, points and in-game money can unfortunately not be transferred. You'll still need to pay the unlock fee, too, even if you skip the task. This tab will Gameuell you which players are blocked and when you blocked them. Your Flash Player will often save some files to your computer to make loading quicker for you. You are allowed to click on one of these cards, at which time all three cards will be revealed. This Plus 500 App uses cookies from Google to deliver its services and to analyze traffic.


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