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    Alvin And Brittany

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    Alvin And Brittany

    Brittany Miller is the lead singer and leader of The Chipettes and is the female counterpart of Alvin. Brittany is the older sister of Jeanette and Eleanor. - Erkunde Lechens Pinnwand „Alvin x Brittany“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu alvin und die chipmunks, streifenhörnchen, schlaf schön. An einer Spielstation liefern sich Alvin und Brittany ein verbissenes Duell um den Sieg in einem Ballonrennen rund um die Welt, und als Alvin unterliegt, streiten.

    Alvin und die Chipmunks 2

    Apr 17, - Alvin and Brittany (Alvin and the Chipmunks) (c) Bagdasarian Productions. - Erkunde Lechens Pinnwand „Alvin x Brittany“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu alvin und die chipmunks, streifenhörnchen, schlaf schön. An einer Spielstation liefern sich Alvin und Brittany ein verbissenes Duell um den Sieg in einem Ballonrennen rund um die Welt, und als Alvin unterliegt, streiten.

    Alvin And Brittany Brittany Miller Video

    Alvin \u0026 Brittany~More than friends

    Brittany and Alvin have a very competitive relationship. They are constantly at odds with one another and fight, but they do show that deep down they love each other.

    They are shown in the future as married with twin boys. Brittany and Simon are friends, but they don't interact very much often.

    In episode " Simon For President ". Brittany works with Simon running a class president to run against Alvin, soon after Brittany begins giving Simon advice, the next day, Simon discovers his posters defaced and tries to "play the game" but Brittany has to take it further for him.

    Brittany and Theodore are friends, but they don't interact very much. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account?

    Start a Wiki. Categories :. Universal Conquest Wiki. Brittany: Well, unless you inherit a fortune, Alvin , I guess we'll never know!

    Brittany: Uh, so, Alvin, you finally showed up. Brittany: Oh, Jeanette , don't be so naive. He's just saying that because our route is shorter, and he doesn't want us to win.

    Brittany: All right, Mister Popularity! How much you wanna bet we can out "rock and roll" you?! Brittany: Oh! If you think I'm gonna marry that pint-sized twerp, you're nuts!

    Brittany: You don't understand. I don't care how important he is, how powerful he is, how rich he is… By the way, how rich is he? Brittany: Whatever happened to diamonds and rubies?

    Brittany: I'm not exactly thrilled to be here myself, Jeanette! We've got to find our dolls and get out of here! Brittany: Wait a minute.

    You-you've heard of snake charmers, right? Well, let's, uh, charm 'em. Brittany: When it comes to food, Eleanor, you're awfully selfish.

    Brittany: Yeah, we know all about the diamonds! Brittany: Okay, fashion disaster. They've got Jeanette doing makeup. Brittany: Theodore, Theodore, Theodore!

    As I lay in bed, my eyes started to flutter open. I looked at the clock to my left and was surprised when I saw that it read nine twenty-eight.

    I was about to panic before I remembered that it was Saturday, finally, our first weekend. Not that I didn't enjoy school, after talking with Simon I had began to brave up and try to make new friends… and it worked.

    I had finally started making new friends; I realized that I wasn't 'unlikable', I was just too nervous of rejection to try. V, the reason I came in here is because she wants to talk to us.

    I was a little concerned; usually Brittany would be more upfront about talking to us. At first, I didn't know what she was talking about, but then I remembered as I started thinking about it more.

    I just let out a small sigh and looked at Eleanor. Ian preferred Brittany over us, but her acting up could make him not like any of us.

    If someone is making my sisters feel bad I intend to do something about it. She was always protective over Eleanor and me, if there was a problem, she would always handle it.

    She was our older sister and she protected us. Last night, I realized that no matter what Alvin does, I'm going to like him. I actually forgot about the competition, and it was tonight.

    You didn't seem to care about Alvin, but now you do, what's up? She had a point, while we always knew that Brittany liked Alvin, she never seemed to care too much about him.

    But now, she's different, she seemed to really care what the Chipmunks thought of us. The tone of Brittany's voice was starting to worry me, I wanted this to be a joke, but I could tell she was dead serious.

    He's been gone for about an hour and he never said when he was coming back. And we did just that. For hours, we tried to keep ourselves entertained as best as we could.

    We watched T. V, we played games, and we talked. We talked about school, sports, music, fashion, romance, and just about anything else we could think of.

    The thoughts of Simon and me together made my mind race. If he really does like you, you won't need to put on an act. That doesn't mean we can't start our makeup.

    As sighed and followed Brittany with Eleanor, Ian had bought us a pint-sized makeup table that we could use. I never really used it, Eleanor hardly used it, but Brittany had used in constantly since we had gotten it.

    As we stood there, I decided that I might as well do a little bit of makeup. I started to do my face and hit the radio by accident; the song playing was Single Ladies , the song we had just played the day before.

    I was going to change but decided against it when Eleanor went over and turned it up, we all started humming and doing out makeup before we heard the front door being opened and closed.

    Oh my gosh! I was so happy, ' tonight was going to be the biggest days of our liv-' I thought before a look of horror came upon my face.

    We'll miss the school contest! I just simply stood there, I was in shock and still in the process of taking all of it in. I got them some stuff too.

    I thought out loud. Before we knew it, he had used one quick hand motion to grab our tails and he was now hanging us upside down.

    Once we were finished, we walked in front of the mirror. Dave looked at Alvin, seeing he was acting different than usual.

    I want to ask her if she will marry me, but I think I might be rushing by asking. All day, Alvin thought of only what Dave said later that morning.

    He wasn't sure when or how he was going to propose to Brittany, but he knew that he needed to do it soon, because the pressure and temptation was eating at him like a consuming insect.

    He was even starting to sweat from the thought of proposing to Brittany, which he found ridiculous, due to him being a "ladies man", before he met Brittany at school.

    He knew that he just had to think like that "ladies man" Alvin, that he used to be. It would be simple for him to ask her, then.

    On a piece of paper, Alvin wrote down some things that Brittany liked. He had written down things that he had done throughout their relationship that she enjoyed, such as being presented with flowers, cuddling, and of course, making love.

    Alvin thought of other things Brittany enjoyed, that he could possibly mix together to create a image in his mind of how and where he would propose.

    That's when Alvin thought of the perfect place to propose. He snapped his fingers, showing that he had succeeded, and expressed a smile. The reason Alvin thought of that night, was because he was free for the day, and had nothing else to do.

    Alvin put the paper he was using on night stand, next to the bed. He rose to his feet, and started to walk over to his closet.

    Inside the closet, Alvin searched for his tuxedo, he wore the night of his graduation. It took him a minute, but he found his tuxedo in the very back of the closet, wrapped in plastic, so that it stayed in good shape over the years.

    He carefully, pulled the tuxedo from the closet, then sat it out on the bed. There wasn't a single hole or any sign of damage at all.

    The tuxedo was just like it was the night Brittany and him made a promise to be together, forever. He removed the plastic, and pulled out the tuxedo.

    Step one of his plan was complete, now he moved on to step two, which was calling Brittany and asking her out on a date.

    Alvin walked out, into the living room, where Dave was still watching tv. Dave noticed his son's attitude change, and turned to him. I didn't ask her to marry me that night.

    All I asked was if she would remain with me forever, and that the ring was a symbol. Dave smiled, then he returned to watching tv. Alvin rushed over to the phone and dialled Brittany's cell phone number.

    It rang about three times, until she answered. It's really quiet, without my brothers here. I only have Miss Miller to talk to, just to entertain myself, so yes.

    It's a date. At the Miller's residence, Alvin knocked on the door. As he waited for someone to answer, Alvin thought of what he was going to say when he says the four magic words.

    He wondered if he would get cold feet again, when he stands before her and prepares for the big moment.

    Immediately, he shrugged away the thought of him getting cold feet. Tonight was the night, and he was going to go through with all that he had planned.

    The door opened, only for Alvin to be stunned by Brittany, in her diamond dress, posed in the doorway. She stared at Alvin with her crystal-blue eyes, then she leaned in toward Alvin and kissed him.

    She pulled away from the kiss, and reached out for Alvin's paw. Alvin accepted Brittany's paw in his paw, with no hesitation.

    Alvin started to worry, and started to wonder what he had done to make her so angry. Sorry I took so long, but Alvin blushed, because he was so embarrassed, but he was also laughing at the same time.

    Please, don't do that again. Alvin and Brittany walked further into the city, to the restaurant that Alvin suggested during his conversation with Brittany.

    As the two walked, they held each other close to each other. Other spectators noticed the couple walking together, and were wondering why both of them were dressed so fancy.

    Alvin and Brittany both noticed the unexpected attention they were receiving, but didn't care the least. All they cared about, was that they were together, and this was their night to shine.

    There was only a limited time, before the sun would go down, so both of them rushed to the restaurant. They were happy that they made it there with plenty of daytime life, but were shocked by what they saw on the door to the restaurant.

    On the door, was a sign that was labelled "closed. We can go to another restaurant, plus we have the rest of the night together. Alvin moved his hand away from his forehead then smiled at Brittany.

    Where do you want to go? Brittany paused and started to think of anywhere else nearby. Brittany laughed. Alvin laughed at the thought that she thought he referring to her as Jeanette.

    Both of them hurried to their destination, that was only a few blocks away from them. Alvin and Brittany felt like they were kids again.

    They held each other's paws, and ran as fast as possible, trying to avoid any city-folk, until they were at the restaurant. They both were gasping for breath and laughing at the same time.

    I remember when I accidentally fell asleep during one of Mr. Brown's lessons, and was awakened by a book being slammed on my desk. Both of them giggled, then Alvin walked over to the restaurant door and opened it.

    He continued to hold it open, as Brittany walked in doing her famous "princess walk. He grabbed her paw in his, as a man at the front counter escorted them to a table at the far end of the restaurant.

    Brittany sat down first, then Alvin slid into the seat. He sat right next to Brittany, who suddenly, lied her head against Alvin's right shoulder.

    The broadness of Alvin's shoulders caused Brittany to let out a silent moan, which didn't bother Alvin at all. He enjoyed hearing Brittany's moans and any other noise she made.

    Alvin leaned his head against Brittany's, trying to sooth her more. She smiled, and started to blush from Alvin leaning his head on her's.

    Alvin didn't know it, but he was blushing as well from Brittany leaning against his shoulder. Both of them let out small giggles, then raised both their heads up.

    As Brittany rose her head from Alvin's shoulder, Alvin managed to land a soft kiss to her forehead. Both of them felt embarrassed, but at the same time, they didn't care.

    I'll have the chicken wings, and the clam chowder. You realized that you just ordered the same thing that we ordered last time we were here", said Brittany.

    I realized that, and since this is our night, I figured I'd order the same thing we ordered last time," replied Alvin.

    After waiting about ten minutes, Alvin and Brittany's meal arrived.

    80er Serie. Brittany ist die Mittelste schwester. der 3 Chipettes Schwestern. Sie trägt gerne Rosa und ist kleiner als Jeanette aber größer als Eleanor. Alvin und. Request: Alvin and Brittany by ShazTheRaz on DeviantArt. DeviantArt is the world's largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts, allowing. Apr 17, - Alvin and Brittany (Alvin and the Chipmunks) (c) Bagdasarian Productions. - Erkunde Lechens Pinnwand „Alvin x Brittany“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu alvin und die chipmunks, streifenhörnchen, schlaf schön. After two hours of making love, Alvin and Brittany lied in the sand, staring at the night sky. Brittany is less toned down from her 80s personality than she is for the CGI films. Alvin took a bite of one the pancakes Minecraft Kostenlos App his plate, trying not to make a mess, but a small amount of syrup slipped from his fork, onto the table. Donalds… ' You're Fired! He wished that his brothers were there with him, Aces And Eights he Suruga that they were happy where they were, and that they were doing what they have always wished of doing. Ian preferred Brittany over us, but her acting up could make Pommes Allumettes not like any of us. The ring I gave her the night of Tipico De Anmelden graduation, is the ring. As I lay in bed, my eyes started to flutter open. It's your relationship, not mine. Their whispers were interrupted by the waiter. Next to a shopping cart, with her two sisters, was Brittany. Alvin's heart jumped at the sight of her. Her voice was so soft and clear as a crystal, almost like an angel sent from above to him. Alvin and Brittany finished singing at the same time and immediately, started to wave at each other. Ty Beanie Baby Brittany, Alvin and the Chipmunks out of 5 stars $ Only 3 left in stock - order soon. Next. Special offers and product promotions. Alvin and Brittany has a Secret Hideout somewhere in Simon's Lab behind the Chipmunks closet. No one except them knows where it is hidden. Are they going to get caught. Brittany and Alvin have a very competitive relationship. They are constantly at odds with one another and fight, but they do show that deep down they love each other. They are shown in the future as married with twin boys. Kiss ConspiracyNo copyright infrigement intendedKissing burns calories.

    Alvin And Brittany. - Entdecken Sie diese verfÃŒgbaren Artikel

    Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel. Alvin and Brittany:). Alvin and Brittany said at the same time, making them glare at each other. "Jinx! Double Jinx! Triple Jinx! Quadruple Jinx! Infinity Jinx!" Alvin and Brittany competed, saying everything at the same time. "Guys, we get it!" I screamed happily. "Huddle up gang." I said before I pulled us all in to discuss what song we should sing.
    Alvin And Brittany Cookies akzeptieren Cookie-Einstellungen anpassen. Janice Karman Ross Bagdasarian. Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel.
    Alvin And Brittany Over the five years that have passed, they had made love at least twenty Ostern Steht Vor Der Tür Lustig thirty times. Now, let's get moving. There's a problem loading this menu right now.
    Alvin And Brittany

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    Betty Thomas.


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